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If you prefer, we will happily refer you for an independent testimonial to existing clients who are active in your sector.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Group – North Wales
“We have been using Fiducia for over 7 years for our R&D claims and I cannot recommend them highly enough. In that time, we have received more than £750,000 in R&D tax credits. We have a half-day meeting with their R&D specialists once a year to review our preceding year’s R&D activity and they do the rest. Brilliant service”.

Industrial Control System Manufacturer  – Suffolk
Fiducia were recommended to us by our accountants as we had never before claimed R&D tax relief. We have now been using them for our R&D claims for the last four years. They offer an extremely professional service that has allowed our business to benefit from more than £600,000 in R&D tax credits during this period”.

Precision Engineers – Lancashire
“We had never even heard of R&D tax relief until our financial advisers alerted us to the scheme. They rcommended Fiducia who have been looking after our claims for the last five years. The £250,000 savings in corporation tax that we have achieved over this period has played a big part in sustaining our business expansion”.

Windows and Door Manufacturer  – Northants
“Fiducia were recommended to us by our corporate financial advisors. Whilst we were aware of the R&D tax relief scheme, we were unsure as to whether we qualified. A short meeting with Fiducia R&D specialists soon convinced us that we were indeed carrying out qualifying R&D activity. As a result of their efforts, over the last three years, we have benefitted from more than £300,000 of R&D tax credits.”

Injection Moulding Products Manufacturer  – North West
“We had never claimed R&D tax credits until Fiducia were recommended to us by one of our strategic suppliers who had been using Fiducia for a number of years. Fiducia have now become a key financial partner to the business and, with their support, our business has benefitted from more than £500,000 of R&D tax credits in the last 5 years.”

Air Conditioning Systems Integrator – Merseyside
“Fiducia were recommended to us by our corporate financial advisors. The R&D tax credits that we have since benefitted from have been instrumental in enabling us to expand our business during the last 5 years”.

Managing Director – Corporate Financial Advisers – Cheshire
“Our practice offers a wide range of corporate financial services to clients throughout the UK. There are however a number of discrete services that fall outside our core areas of financial expertise. Our commercial strategy is to be able to offer our client base a full, turnkey range of corporate financial services however and, to this end, we have partnered with Fiducia so that our clients are able to maximise their entitlement to R&D corporation tax relief. Fiducia has proved itself over a number of years to be one of the UK’s leading R&D tax relief consultancies and we have no hesitation in recommending them to our client base”.

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Fiducia is a specialist consultancy firm, providing support for UK limited companies making claims for Research & Development tax relief.