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Research & Development
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First... the good news!

Under HMRC rules, companies who have not previously claimed R&D corporation tax relief can backdate claims for their two previous financial years. (This rule is due to change from April 2023).

For new clients, this rule has often meant that we have been able to submit three claims within a relatively short space of time and, for one Fiducia client, – in the true spirit of the R&D tax relief scheme – the tax credits generated from the claims enabled the client to invest in a new manufacturing production line.

Our process is simple and will require only a small investment of your management time.

Stage 1 – An initial 15-minute telephone call is usually enough for us to establish, in principle, whether you have undertaken projects that satisfy the HMRC guidelines that define the criteria for projects that can be deemed qualifying for R&D tax relief.

Stage 2* – If this proves to be the case, we arrange an onsite meeting to enable us to evaluate any project identified as potentially qualifying as R&D. If the project(s) satisfies our evaluation criteria, we use the meeting to gather the information – both technical and financial – that will underpin the claim.

Stage 3 – We then leave you to get on with your day-to-day business whilst we independently formulate a technical report to support the claim – a report that specifically cross-references how the identified project(s) satisfies HMRC’s published guidelines.

Stage 4 – We then liaise with your accountants to agree the financial aspects of the claim before the claim is submitted to HMRC.

Call us now on 01244 689311 to quickly establish whether your company could qualify for this valuable tax relief.

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Fiducia is a specialist consultancy firm, providing support for UK limited companies making claims for Research & Development tax relief.