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R&D Tax Relief - The Facts

HMRC’s published statistics* for R&D tax relief claims for 2020 – 2021 estimates that

  • 89,300 claims for R&D tax relief were approved
  • 88% of these claims were submitted by SME companies
  • The average value of SME claims equated to a tax reduction / payable tax credit of more than £47,000
  • An estimated £6.6bn of R&D tax relief was awarded during the financial year

Successful claims during the period were made by companies from a wide range of sectors. These included:

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing;      Mining & Quarrying;
Electricity & Gas;     Engineering;    Air Conditioning;
Water, Sewerage & Waste; Construction;
Wholesale & Retail Trade;     Transport & Storage;
Accommodation & Food;     Information & Communication;
Manufacturing; Financial & Insurance;      Real Estate;
Professional, Scientific & Technical;    Admin & Support Services;
Arts Entertainment & Recreation.

* Source: National Statistics, R&D Tax Credits Statistics, September 2021

Does Your Business Qualify?

Any limited company has the ability to claim R&D tax relief provided it satisfies certain HMRC criteria.

The one common denominator which applies to all the clients for whom Fiducia has prepared successful claims is that they have all invested time, effort and resources in developing new products and/or systems that possessed features that represented technological advances.

Our tax relief specialists understand that most  business owners do not have the time to invest in formulating their own R&D claims – even though the rewards in doing so are significant and can act as a springboard to business expansion.  Our process is therefore designed to minimise your investment of time in the claim process and has a proven 100% record of success. What’s more, we undertake all the risk in the project as our fee only becomes payable when our client company receives their tax credit.

With more than 95% of our business coming from referrals from satisfied clients or trusted advisers such as accountancy practices, Fiducia can be relied upon to support clients through every aspect of the claim process.

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Fiducia is a specialist consultancy firm, providing support for UK limited companies making claims for Research & Development tax relief.